£35 per month for an Accountant including FreeAgent subscription and year end accounts is barely more than the cost of a standard FreeAgent subscription.  How is this possible?

There are two reasons for this.  Firstly, we have a large number of FreeAgent users which allows us to negotiate volume licence discounts with FreeAgent.  Secondly, we have invested in technology to streamline processes which allows us to provide the essential services needed by most contractors and small businesses with no more than a few hours effort from a qualified accountant.


I am a new business. I don’t know much about accounts and what is needed. Does your service include helping me understand what is needed each year?
Yes. At Einstein Tax we aim to empower you rather than make you dependant on us. If you are not familiar or confident about accounting, we suggest you start with the quantum package to learn what is needed and then move onto Einstein Essentials.


What is FreeAgent and how will it benefit me?
FreeAgent is the fantastic cloud based accounting software we recommend for most of our clients.  Learn more about FreeAgent here.